Michael G. Godfrey: Farm Life Paintings

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Something about Michael G. Godfrey’s paintings immediately resonated with me, from the very first time I saw them.

Maybe it’s the epic views so often depicted in his work. . . or perhaps it’s the solid, almost sculpted sense of mass that his subject matter retains, even on canvas.

Whatever it is, I love it—and I think you will too. Take a look below and enjoy!

First up, these massive yellow farm trucks at work are absolutely stunning. The angle Michael chose for this composition puts them towering over us, like giants on a field of battle, moving and wheeling against a vivid midwest sky.

Painting of two giant yellow farm machines with huge wheels working in a field under a cloud-streaked sky

All those repeated lines, from the red dirt below to the white spreading contrails above lead your eye directly toward that point of impact, as tons of dirt slam into the bed of the truck on the right.

Featuring stark blacks, yellows, oranges, and blues, this painting packs a visual “punch!” that does not disappoint!

Next, you can see more of the dynamic angles that Michael loves so much, in this (human-scale) painting of two figures—perhaps a father or grandfather, and a young boy—crossing the fields in the late afternoon.

Painting of a boy and his father walking home through the fields in the afternoon

There’s a wonderful sense of space in this painting, and although the colors are more muted (more natural, perhaps) than the first painting above, Michael uses them wisely, adding an amazing amount of visual depth simply by incrementally painting more vibrant hues the closer he got to the bottom of the canvas.

By including those two figures, striding towards the horizon, it becomes a poignant look at life on the farm—or at least, life on the farm as it used to be.

And last but not least, Walnut Orchard below showcases yet another side to Michael’s skill: that of high-contrast light and shadow.

Painting of a lane through an orchard, with light filtering through the trees

You can almost hear the rustle of leaves in the wind (see how they’re blurring?) and imagine those dappled patterns of light and shadow on the ground shifting along with the breeze. It feels cool, serene, and invigorating, all at the same time.

I can’t say enough good things about Michael’s paintings—I just wish there were more of them! :) To see the rest of his work, I encourage you to visit his website today!


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