Meghna Patil: Colorful, Hand-painted Folk Art

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Other Mediums

As part of her quest to celebrate many of the unique places in India, Texas-based artist Meghna Patil has begun importing decorative wooden boxes and handicrafts, and then painting them to bring out the true essence of each region.

Intricate designs, eye-popping colors and a folksy look and feel accompany each piece of art below, giving us just a small hint as to the culture and history embodied in each piece. Take a look!

The first item that caught my attention was the elephant below. To me, it carried the strongest association to the Indian culture, and sure enough, Meghna explains she hand painted it to recreate a scene from the famous elephant procession that takes place annually during the festival season leading up to Diwali.


The elephant, stout, steady and determined (you can see it in his eyes), is painted a jet black color and adorned with a magnificent blanket of the brilliant red. Markings that match the blanket’s colors have been carefully painted on the elephant’s legs and head, which are also embellished with ornate jewelry and bands of shimmering gold.

Not a stencil, motif or stamp were in sight during the creation of this birdhouse, entitled Home Tweet Home. And how could you not immediately want to snatch this up with a sweet name like that?


Made of wood and decorated with cheerfully-hued acrylic paint and glitter glue, this birdhouse is truly a one-of-a-kind piece created by Meghna. The small details are what make it come alive, from the roughly-textured shingles to the playful flowerboxes under the window.

The energizing red picket fence contrasts with the green siding and highlights the red heart painting around one of the windows. This was clearly a creation made with a lot of heart and love.

Meghna’s pieces are incredibly versatile and can be used for just about anything you’d like. For example, the elephant up above could decorate a shelf or become a bookend. And take this jewelry box below:


It could store your wedding ring, contain special mementos, or just spice up a coffee table or side table with its luminous hues and complex designs inspired by India.

The box itself was made in India, and Meghna also offers personalization with a name or special message through her Etsy page, so it could easily be a wonderfully unique gift for yourself, a friend, or a family member.

While her hand-painted items are a relatively new endeavor, Meghna has been painting with oils for quite some time. Her landscapes (also found on her Etsy shop) are gorgeous, representing nature’s boundless beauty. Visit her page now, and enjoy!


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