Oksana Linde: Vibrant Digital Art

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Other Mediums

Imagination? Check. Intrigue? Check. Illusions? Check and check!

Oksana Linde’s digital art will dazzle you with her intense use of color, concept and composition! Born in Venezuela to Ukrainian parents, Oksana first started drawing and painting as a child. And, like her diverse passions (including chemistry, sociology, health, and anthropology) her artwork is equally assorted and complex.

Take a look for yourself. . .

Mountains is a piece I simply want to immerse myself into. It feels to me like I’m in a helicopter, scanning the peaks and valleys of the rugged landscape below.


The top-most ridges reflect with the sheen of newly fallen snow, while smears of mud appear below. Sunlight reflects off the mountaintops casting a rainbow of colors down the sides of the crags, which add defining points to the bluffs and highlight shadows darkening the steps into each gorge.

The repetitive nature of the piece is calming, yet each “pop!” of blue and pink add the perfect amount of excitement to make this dynamic painting work.

In Family, warm and cool colors unite in thrilling vortexes. We can make out cloaks and robes draped over three adults, while a child lies swaddled in loose garments.


The white space allows the viewer to focus primarily on the family—and what a wonderful message that sends about the importance and specialness of those you call your own.

Lastly, I think Cats and Totems is just such an incredibly fun piece to end with!


At first glance, this hodge-podge of colors and shapes might appear to be a fantastic city with the most marvelous architectural buildings and golden castle. That is, until the first cat comes into focus, smiling mischievously at you and with its large, pointy ears!

From there, we see cats pop up throughout the piece. As an entertaining contrast, totem poles also come into play, adding green, teal and orange faces protruding out of the organized chaos.

In the background, rolling hills of blue contrast nicely with mounds of pink and teal. It’s a quiet place within the piece where you can rest your eyes before looking at all the playful imagery in the forefront!

Oksana has so many fabulous pieces on her website that it was difficult to feature just three. Take a minute to visit her website and enjoy the rest of them too!


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