Katherine: Endearing Illustrations of Love

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Ready for your heart to melt?

Whether you’ve been part of a couple for ages, you’re currently dating, or you aspire to have a great romance one day like Elizabeth Bennett and Fitzwilliam Darcy in the book Pride & Prejudice, these adorable illustrations by Katherine at All Little Things will give you the warm fuzzies as you explore the sweeter sides of coupledom.

Katherine’s series shares little moments of love that are key to a long-lasting, fruitful relationship. These cherished memories and unforgettable moments reveal love isn’t just about grand gestures, but instead, can be found everywhere, in the everyday things.

We all remember that pivotal moment in the movie, Titanic, when Jack stands behind Rose on the bow as she experiences her first taste of freedom in the wind and infinite sea that rages around her.

But, perhaps the reality of the scene is more like what Katherine humorously depicts below in this illustration, captioned, “Hey Rose, your hair. . .”


Jack’s view likely wasn’t the greatest, but then again, it’s more about being there with his partner and holding her close. In that moment, he expresses his support as she experiences, just for a few minutes, freedom from the burdens of obligations.

Isn’t that what all relationships are about? Supporting one another? And, yes—that means on bad hair days, too!

What else is important in relationships. . . maybe food? After all, sharing a meal can be a very intimate experience. Perhaps slightly more intimate is the soulmate who is willing to soothe his or her partner’s stomachache after dinner with a gentle belly rub. :)

In the illustration below, which Katherine captioned,“Lying on the sofa and rubbing your belly after a fabulous meal,” you get the sense of how comfortable these two are in their relationship.


It’s clear these two always want to make each other feel better, even if the one doing the rubbing knew her significant other should have stopped at the first piece of pie!

And lastly, in “There’s always a destination to go with you,” we see that the path to a fantastic relationship means always being up for trying something new!


In this illustration, the couple enthusiastically dons backpacks and helmets, with flashlight and map in hand, to explore new possibilities, hobbies and adventures! What could be better—or more exciting—than knowing that even as an established couple, many new “firsts” still lie just around the corner?

If you can’t see yourself and your loved one in the three illustrations above, then by all means, head over to Katherine’s facebook page to explore the rest of the series. I guarantee you’ll find the perfect drawing that defines you as a couple, or the type of relationship you hope to someday have.

Enjoy, and hug your loved ones today!


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