Eduard Locota: Mesmerizing, Light-infused Functional Art

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Other Mediums

Conventional markers of excellence—seeking diplomas, certificates, or professional training—have never been a focus for Eduard Locota of Romania. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t striving toward unparalleled excellence in his art.

Eduard’s out-of-the-box style translates well to his design philosophy. Within his pieces, you’ll find an unnatural, yet alluring union between materials like wood and acrylic glass. You’ll marvel at surreal fusions between marble, wood and resin.

And all of his pieces, which are totally unique from one another, have two powerful things in common: the ability to astonish and the use of light in the most playful of ways. Take a look:

One might expect the sea to come alive before their very eyes upon staring deeply into Eduard’s delMare Table. With a design as loose and full of depth and life as the real ocean, amazing object will no doubt become a focal point anywhere it’s placed.


Every luminous blue of the ocean is there: from the dark, cerulean depths to the crystalline, teal-colored shallows. Predominantly made with acrylic glass, the table is edged with marble that ebbs and flows underneath as if it were following the gentlest rolling tides—reminding me of the white sand beaches in the Dominican Republic.

Limited to just 35 editions, this table is a truly one-of-a-kind piece that takes a slice of the ocean and places it right in your own home.

Next, wood and acrylic unite to create a dazzling display within Eduard’s Frozen Fire Lamp, which looks like it’s ready to set the world afire!


The exterior portion of the lamp is modest and unassuming. Simple oak wood creates the base of the lamp, without lacquer or stain for an organic feel. But somewhere in the fution between glass and wood, things really start to heat things up, design-wise. :)

Bright, colorful explosions of light appear encapsulated within that smooth block of acrylic glass. It’s like Eduard has captured lightening, fireworks and the flash of a million fireflies—all in one beautiful, spectacular lamp.

Lastly, Oceanus Blocks is designed to be laid out in whichever order or pattern that its owner deems best.


Here, you can see the three small squares lined up like a chain of islands surrounded by sparkling turquoise water. The rectangular piece at the bottom exposes the viewer to deeper ocean levels, where navy blues sink into inky blacks.

This is one piece that MUST be viewed on Eduard’s site, because only there can you get a close-up of the blocks’ edges. You’ll see the shimmery nature of the marble, again like tiny crystals of sand that make up the ocean floor, moving and shifting with the waves. This one is truly a stunner!

Head over as fast as you can to his website to view the rest of his work—and maybe make a purchase or two!


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