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Poll Questions for EmptyEasel Readers:
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There are a lot of eBooks out there which claim to give good advice and/or good instructions for selling art online. Some of them. . . read more

With new writers coming on board, we'd like to hear your feedback and suggestions.. . . read more

Here are the results of this week's poll so far. If you haven't voted yet, please do, and have a wonderful Fourth of July weekend! {democracy:30} . . . read more

This week I asked artists to divulge exactly how they created their art - whether they looked at real-life objects and scenes,. . . read more

With so many different brands of oil paint to choose from, there's bound to be one that's better than the rest. The following. . . read more

Do you paint out of your bedroom, laundry room, or living room? Or are you one of the lucky artists with your own studio—a converted garage maybe? A rented space, even? I've always painted out of an extra room in my house. In fact, I combine several things—a computer, an easel, a work-desk—to make an all-purpose room for whatever creative activity I'm currently engaged in. But (like. . . read more

Do you often think about why you like a specific work of art? Maybe that's a funny question. Because for most of us, we like what. . . read more

How did the encouragement you received as a young artist (or lack of encouragement) change your life? Feel free to vote below if. . . read more

Since this week was "Photoshop Week" on EE, I thought it'd be interesting to know how many artists used Photoshop versus other image-editing software. So far around 75% percent of artists (who've taken the poll, that is) use either Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. What about you? {democracy:23} . . . read more

Some artists are totally against making reproductions of their paintings, while other artists just want to sell prints of their. . . read more

Here's another easy poll question for all of you artists out there - how much time per day do you spend on art? Obviously there's. . . read more

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