Artist Portfolio Websites: How Much Would YOU Pay for an Art Website?

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There are a LOT of options for artists when it comes to portfolio websites.

Do a quick Google search for online portfolio websites or artist websites and you’ll see what I mean—you can choose to have your own unique art website designed and programmed for you (a rather expensive option), you can purchase a pre-made artist website for much less (a template site), or you can simply join free art communities online and use their space to show your work.

A fourth option is to forgo the portfolio website completely and just use an art blog to display your work online. Some of those are free, like blogspot, and some you’ll have to pay for a domain and hosting yourself.

(NOTE: EmptyEasel’s sister site also offers artist websites—if you haven’t heard of us yet, follow the link to check us out.)

What I find fascinating is that because there are so many art website options out there, some artists pay a lot more per month than other artists do and yet end up getting a lot less for their money.

Obviously doing research up-front is a wise course of action.

I’m also interested in what the average artist is willing to pay—because when you factor in the cost of setup fees, domain fees, and who-knows-what-else fees, some portfolio websites seem horrendously overpriced.

So what’s your limit? How much would you pay?

I’ve set up a quick survey below and quite a few artists have already responded—if you haven’t voted yet, simply cast your vote to see the results so far.

What's the most you'd be willing to pay per month for your own artist website? (Let's assume the quality and features of your website increase with the price.)
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