Should EmptyEasel Offer eBooks for Artists?

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There are a lot of eBooks out there which claim to give good advice and/or good instructions for selling art online. Some of them are complete scams, others are overpriced, most of them don’t give you enough information to really help, and still others simply recycle or steal information from legitimate sources.

So far I’ve only read one eBook which I felt comfortable recommending (click here to read that review) and in fact, I helped contribute to that eBook myself.

I’ve never really seriously considered writing an eBook about selling art online until this year—but I almost feel like I should, just to offer a better alternative than what’s typically out there for artists!

Now, whether I write an eBook or not, I guarantee that the articles on EmptyEasel will always remain free. I don’t ever want to change that.

AND, any eBook I write will be cheap to buy (or perhaps free, if I can swing it). For the most part, I tend to agree with folks who say, “There’s no paper, no printing costs, not distribution costs. . . why do eBooks cost more than regular books?”

So my question to you is this: would an eBook from EmptyEasel be something you’d be interested in?

And if so, what would you like it to focus on?

Please take a moment to read each option and then vote in the poll below. You can also contact me if you have something further you’d like to add.

Which of the following eBooks (if any) would you be interested in?
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