Artist Poll: How Many Page Views Does Your Art Blog or Portfolio Website Get?

By admin in Misc > Artist Polls

Do you know how many people visit your art website each day? Or how many page views your art gets each month?

If you do know (and I’d bet most of us with art blogs or portfolio websites check our page views every once in a while) have you ever wondered how your website compares with other artists’ websites?

This week I set up a poll for anyone who’s curious—just enter your daily page views and see how your website stacks up. So far the results are skewed lower than I thought they’d be, but perhaps they’ll even out over the next few weeks.

Approximately how many page views does your art website (whether it's an art blog or online portfolio) get per day?

If you just know how many page views you get per week or per month, feel free to divide that number by 7 or 30 and enter your daily average.
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