Pricing Your Artwork: Where are YOUR Prices At?

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As an artist myself, I tend to look at the prices on artwork from a sort of “insider” perspective. (And I’m sure other artists do this too.)

I usually think about the cost of materials associated with making the art, the time it may have took, where the artist is at in their career, and how much demand there is for that specific style or subject matter—all of which should play a part in pricing artwork.

Of course, when artists put their work online, that “demand” variable can change—you might gain additional buyers for your art all around the world, raising demand and therefore giving you a reason to raise your prices.

Or, you might enter a more crowded market for your art, and find that you can’t generally charge as much as you can locally.

For this week’s poll, I asked you all to submit the average price you put on your artwork. Now I know there’s really no way to be scientific about this (since we’re all probably comparing apples to oranges) but that’s OK.

Mostly I just wanted you to think about where you’re at with your art because generally speaking, over time your prices should probably be going up and it helps to keep track of where you’ve been.

I also just think it’s interesting to see what EE readers charge for their art, too. : )

If you haven’t voted yet, please do. And if you’re not sure what to put down, well, I just looked at my last five paintings and averaged their prices to get my vote. . . if that helps, feel free to do the same.

On average, what price do you put on your artwork?
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