Art Competitions: How Often do You Enter Juried Art Shows or Competitions?

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It used to be that I’d enter art competitions or juried shows a lot. Whenever I could, for the most part. These days, I’m much more casual about it.

I’m not sure whether they got to be more effort than I wanted, or if that type of competition just doesn’t matter as much now as it did when I was younger. In any event, now I typically only enter a few art competetitions per year, no more.

But what about you? Are competitions for artists a young person’s game? Do you enter a new juried show every other week, or just once or twice a year?

I’ll leave this poll running for a while. . . you can vote or click “view results” below to see what other artists have said so far. Thanks for voting!

About how often do you enter art competitions or juried art shows?
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