Were You Encouraged to be an Artist?

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This week’s poll is an interesting one for me because as I was growing up, I was constantly told that I could be anything I wanted to be.

Looking back, I can easily see how much that encouragement during my childhood shaped my choices going into college (choosing to be an art major), what I chose to do after graduation (freelance design and oil painting), as well as many of the choices I’ve made since.

I’ve often wondered how my life would have been different had my parents not said “go for it!” when I told them I wanted to be an artist. Would I have abandoned that dream—or would it have made me more determined?

How did the encouragement you received (or lack of encouragement) growing up change your life? Feel free to vote below if you haven’t yet, or just click on “view results” to see what other artists have said.

As you were growing up, were you encouraged to be an artist? How did it affect your life choices?
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