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Monday in Motivation – Don’t let self-doubt get you down this Labor Day! Come by first thing tomorrow for a pick-me-up post from Gill Bustamente that will build your confidence and fire up your creativity.

Tuesday in Featured Artists – Deborah Sheehy’s whimsical paintings and drawings are sure to conjure up memories of animals portrayed in your favorite children’s storybooks—drop in for a look at her work this Tuesday, and don’t forget to submit your own art to be featured on EE as well!

Wednesday in Drawing Tips – Phawnda Moore is back with another lovely (and oh-so-helpful!) tutorial on using calligraphy and creativity to organize your kitchen.

Plus, it wouldn’t be holiday weekend without a sale at Craftsy!

I got an email yesterday reminding me that ALL online art classes are on sale at Craftsy this weekend, with many of them priced as low as $19.99! This includes sketching and drawing classes, oil and watercolor painting classes—even classes on cake baking, photography, sewing, and more!

If you’ve been wanting to try something new, now’s the perfect time—and as always, when you enroll in a class at Craftsy through one of our links, part of the sale goes to support EE without ever costing you extra. :)

Click here to see what classes are available, and enjoy the sales!

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