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Yogesh Bhusare: High-impact Illustrations and Doodles

Today we’re looking at doodles. . . yet these illustrative marks by Yogesh Bhusare are really so much more than that.

They’re calculated. They’re hugely imaginative. They’re full of intrigue, and, as you’ll see below, they’re clearly expertly done.

All of Yogesh’s work contains his flair and burning passion for what he does, which has been crafted by years of hard work and a personal goal to always keep improving. With that mindset in place, anything is possible for this artist from Mumbai, India, who lives to experiment with styles and design, both in the world of advertising and within his personal work.

Bright colors, a great theme and lots of captivating elements make this first collage, located in Yogesh’s “Abstract Illustrations” portfolio, an instant winner!


The words, “Better Now Than Never” capture the dialogue running through this man’s mind as he stares blankly ahead. Frozen into inaction, seconds—minutes—hours—tick by on the clock towers surrounding him.

He doesn’t sleep, and neither does the city that ebbs and flows with people, traffic, and darkness and light, as day turns to night from left to right in this illustration.

Next, this dynamic drawing can be seen in Yogesh’s “Portraits” portfolio.


Full of dramatic movement and perfectly encapsulated in just black and white, this piece illustrates how brilliant Yogesh is in using white space. Note the delicate white fonts and text throughout, giving texture, movement, and layers to her clothes.

Fonts of various sizes and thickness also help contour her face and hands, and the light grey outline around her body is as free-spirited and free-flowing as she is.

Isn’t it incredible how design choices such as those can help the viewer gauge the subject matter’s personality? But here, we can see without a doubt this woman is full of heart—just like the drawing, itself.

Finally, we arrive at a piece located in Yogesh’s “Shoe Illustrations” portfolio. Taking two shoes and presenting them in an upright fashion—anyone can do that. But this. . . this is something else entirely.


Yogesh incorporated many different design elements—arrows, red triangles, boxes of polka dots and flying birds—making the illustration come alive with movement.

Again, it’s almost as if the shoes are being dissected to reveal the various personality traits of the person who wears them. hat began as a simple pair of shoes now becomes powerful insight into the shoe wearer.

These three pieces don’t even begin to encompass the variety of styles Yogesh portrays within his many portfolios. Take a look at his website for more highly imaginative pieces, and don’t forget to click into all his portfolios to see more of each particular style!

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