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Monday in Drawing Tips – Tomorrow we have a very special treat for horse lovers: Carrie Lewis has rounded up a fantastic selection of videos and step-by-step tutorials that demonstrate how to draw horses, in a variety of different ways.

In short, if you’re looking for an unofficial master class that will teach you everything you need to know about drawing our equine friends, don’t miss tomorrow’s post!

Tuesday in Featured Artists – Come by for a look at three vivid, luminous pieces by digital painter Alan McKee. And as always, if you’d like your own artwork to be featured on EE, send it in!

Wednesday in Painting Tutorials – We went to the paint brush experts at Rosemary & Co and asked for a primer on oil painting brushes—what to look for, how the different types of brushes affect a painting, etc.

In reply, they wrote up an excellent article with tons of great information about oil brushes and plenty of illustrations to boot. . . check it out on Wednesday!

And, this week in our artist’s showcase:

We love to feature new Foliotwist artists whenever possible, and today is no exception. Two of our recent additions are Margaret Modjeski and Georg Rauch.

According to his fascinating bio, all of Georg Rauch’s paintings are (in some way) inspired by his time as a POW and two years recovering from bone tuberculosis in an Austrian sanatorium where he spent hours drawing other inmates. His biography reads like a hollywood movie, and his art is quite striking.

Margaret is a relatively new painter (she started around 4 years ago) working primarily in watercolor and pen. Her paintings are soft yet detailed, and quite lovely—well worth a look, if you have a minute!

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