This Week: 4/17 through 4/23

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Monday in Drawing Tips – Calligrapher Phawnda Moore brings words to life by combining hand-lettered phrases with colorful backgrounds. Tomorrow, she’ll share exactly HOW she chooses the right combination color and imagery for each phrase.

Tuesday in Featured Artists – Noriko Fukui creates strikingly mischevious mixed-media portraits, each one a celebration of individuality. See his work here on Tuesday, and by all means, send in your own artwork to be featured as well!

Wednesday in General Art Advice – Our own colored pencil expert, Carrie Lewis, will explain how to buy art supplies for cheap online. . . plus, some of the things you’ll need to watch out for!

And speaking of online deals, don’t miss ASC’s contest this month:

A Singular Creation hosts art competions every month, usually with fantastic prizes. This month the contest is “The Sky’s the Limit”—and the prize is a $150 gift certificate for art supplies. Check it out!

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