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Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Monday in Drawing Tips – Tomorrow, Carrie Lewis will share a useful tip for making your own cheap (and reusable!) graphite transfer paper. If you use storebought transfer paper on a regular basis, don’t miss this article.

Tuesday in Featured Artists – Sometimes we come across artwork so unique that we just HAVE to feature it. . . drop in on Tuesday for some fascinating pieces by an artist who creates realistic three-dimensional portraits entirely out of wool!

Wednesday in Art Marketing Tips – Do you use Pinterest to promote your artwork? What about group boards? At the end of the week I’ll share some pros and cons to using group boards on Pinterest, and see if there’s any interest in starting one for everyone at EE.

Plus, our apologies for the broken links last Sunday!

Luckily, Natalie Richy of WebArtAcademy.com has extended her free online video lessons for another week. You can learn Old Masters oil painting techniques right from your own home, and get personal support from the Web Art Academy tutors whenever you need it.


Here are some of the videos you’ll have access to when you sign up for Natalie’s free courses:

• How to Paint in Oil, Step by Step
• The Flemish and Italian painting approach
• Secrets of Glazing Layers
• And, ALLA PRIMA Secrets

She’s also including other video bonuses, a free eBook on Rembrandt AND an eBook with a video lesson titled “The Oil Painting Guide.” Just click the link below to learn more or sign up!


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Monday in Motivation - Ever wonder why you kept your "creative" streak alive throughout your life, while others seem to let it go? Drop in tomorrow for some fascinating information about childhood, curiosity, and the creative nature!

Tuesday in . . . read more

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