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Monday in Art Marketing Tips – Tomorrow, Carrie Lewis will share 6 (excellent) reasons why artists should blog. If you follow EE, you probably already know I’m a big fan of blogging for artists, but I encourage you to drop in and get Carrie’s perspective as well!

Tuesday in Featured Artists – Don’t miss your chance to see some gorgeously “airy and light” artwork by printmaker, painter, and photographer Clare Winslow. As always, if you’d like to see your own art on EmptyEasel, please, send it in!

Wednesday in Selling Art Online – Ever since launching EE’s online art gallery in September, I’ve been doing quite a few things to help people find it online. Come back on Wednesday for a look at my “To-Do” list and learn how to attract more visitors to your own art website as well!

Plus, check out these free Drawing Academy video lessons!

Have you heard of the Drawing Academy? DA is an online drawing course and art community where you can take drawing lessons from the comfort of your own home while getting support from Academy tutors and fellow students along the way.

I contacted the academy tutor, Vladimir London, who has kindly shared these free video lessons for EE readers.


As a free Drawing Academy subscriber, you’ll get access to:

• The 12 biggest drawing mistakes every fine artist must avoid
• How to draw a model – a life drawing lesson
• Unique creative drawing techniques taught only at the Drawing Academy
• Information on golden proportions (the divine formula that rules fine art)
• AND a copy of the Albrecht Durer’s “De Symmetria,” which dates back to 1532!

For the next few days Vladimir is also including multiple video bonuses and art e-albums from Drawing Academy tutors, so it’s a good time to join if you’re interested! Here’s the link again: http://drawingacademy.com/free-drawing-videos


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Guess what everyone? This week marks the 9th anniversary of EmptyEasel.com!

Over the past 9 years we've published 2400+ articles (thank goodness for our team of talented of writers!) and served around 21.1 million pageviews. I had no idea what EE would grow into when I wrote my very first blog post. . . read more

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