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Monday in Art Marketing – Tomorrow, art coach and mentor Aletta de Wal will return with the latest installment in her ABC’s of Art Marketing series entitled “Quality & Quantity: Creating Art that Sells.” Don’t miss it!

Tuesday in Drawing Tips – Carrie Lewis will explain how to use impressed lines, marks, and shapes to create subtle details and highlights in your colored pencil drawings.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Drop in for a look at Mark Leggett’s ephemeral watercolor landscapes showcasing the beauty of Scotland. And remember, if you’d like your own artwork to be featured on EE, send it in! We’re always looking for new artists to feature!

Thursday in Painting Tutorials – Alice Sawicki will finish out the week with a detailed tempera & ink resist tutorial. If you like combining watercolors with various mediums, this is the tutorial for you.

Plus, here’s a quick update on the EE art gallery:

As mentioned earlier this week, we are now officially accepting applications for our new online art gallery!

You can read the full announcement here, or if you already know you want to apply, please send an email to with your full name and a link to your artwork online. If your artwork isn’t available online, or you don’t have a way to link to it, that’s fine too. Just attach up to 10 images of your artwork to the email so we can review them, and we’ll reply within a few days.

Got a question or comment? Let us know! We’re thrilled that this is finally happening, and we’d love for you to be involved, so do get in touch if you’re interested!

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More Information About the Upcoming EmptyEasel Art Gallery

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