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Happy Easter, everyone!

Monday in Painting Tutorials – Carrie Lewis will share her cheap (and very effective) method for keeping oil paint fresh between painting sessions. If you often find yourself throwing away paint just because it dried on the palette, this is the article for you!

Tuesday in Selling Art Online – There are a lot of different ways to promote and display your art online, and pastel painter Niki Hilsabeck freely admits she uses most of them. BUT, she does feel that one way is the best. She’ll explain what it is, and why, on Tuesday. . . don’t miss it!

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Drop in for a few of Catherine Twomey’s diverse yet equally gorgeous paintings. And of course, feel free to submit your own art to be featured in future weeks. We’re always looking for new artists to showcase!

Thursday in Art Marketing Tips – For Part 2 of my series on “Selling Art by Email” I’ll be sharing the last-minute email checklist that I use before hitting “Send.” For those of you with your own art newsletters, this list is a great way to avoid annoying mistakes you can’t take back after your email goes out!

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Plus, check out Issue #2 of Artwork Reveal!

Our second issue went out last week (view it here if you haven’t already) and we love seeing the buzz it’s generating for artists!

Want to be a part of it? Head on over and join! We ask different artists from our list to contribute new artwork for each issue, so we’d love to have as many artists get onboard as possible. And, you get to see some great new art each month!

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