This Week: 7/13 through 7/19

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Monday in General Art Advice – If you’re like most artists, you’ve probably got piles of sketches (and maybe a few old paintings) collecting dust in a back room. Come by tomorrow to learn how Carrie Lewis turns unused artwork like that into something special—and how you can too!

Tuesday in Painting Tutorials – Michelle Morris will be demonstrating how to paint expressive, trumpet-shaped flowers using a series of loose, watercolor washes. (In the meantime, feel free to check out her last tutorial on painting roses and get a little practice in.)

Wednesday in Featured Artists – This week we’ll be showcasing Roya Gharavi’s brightly dimensional and very dynamic abstract paintings. Remember, if you’d like your own art to be featured on EE, send it in! We’re always looking for new artists to feature.

Finally, this Saturday in Drawing Tips – Lisa Orgler will share some insider tips from an anime drawing class she’s taking over at Craftsy, and we’ll be holding a giveaway contest for Craftsy as well. Drop in on Saturday for all of those details!

Plus, if you missed last week’s announcement:

Our friends over at have bundled together 21 professional photoshop tutorials, and are selling access to all of them at a huge discount. (I think they’ve reduced it down to $24 at this point, but don’t quote me—it may change shortly.)

Click here to take a quick look at all the lessons they’re offering and see if any would work for you. I’ve published a few articles on photo-editing in the past, but nothing with video, so hopefully these will help!

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