This Week: 6/15 through 6/21

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Monday in Drawing Tips – Kick things off tomorrow with a special flower-drawing tutorial from master watercolor painter Michelle Morris. Although there’s no paint in this lesson, it’s an important first step to painting gorgeous, realistic florals—so don’t miss it!

Tuesday in Motivation – Do you have a muse? A special someone that inspires you, who you can’t resist drawing or painting? If so, this Tuesday’s article is for you! Sophia Mann will be sharing several tips for making your muse come alive in your art.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Ze Liu is a fantasy artist, concept designer, and illustrator with some serious digital chops. Drop in to check out a few of his stunning vistas (think sci-fi landscapes) this Wednesday, then submit your own artwork to be featured! We’re always looking for new artists to feature.

Thursday in General Art Advice – We’ve published several articles here at EE on how to price your artwork, but—what if there was a smartphone app that could do that for you? And no, this isn’t just a hypothetical question. The app exists, and we got our hands on it. :) Come back at the end of the week to learn how it works, and where to get it for yourself.

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