This Week: 8/18 through 8/24

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Monday in Motivation – Learn how one artist is launching a Kickstarter campaign with a rather unique goal: using art to raise awareness and funds for a local animal shelter. Get the full story from the artist herself, tomorrow.

Tuesday in General Art Advice – It’s summertime, and for a lot of artists that means sunshine, travel, and sand! Come by on Tuesday for a great article by Erin Sparler on how to create fun, easy artwork even while on vacation.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Don’t miss Alan Derrick’s uber-cool 3D metal pop art—I can’t imagine anyone not loving his unique medium and style! Plus, if you’d like to see your own art on EE, send it in! We’re always looking for new artists to feature.

Thursday in General Art Advice – Research shows that 15-20% of people could be characterized as “Highly Sensitive Persons” or HSP’s. Far from being a bad thing, this Thursday Niki Hilsabeck will explain the connection between creativity and HSP, and how a certain level of sensitivity is key for creating great works of art.

Friday in Artist Interview – Finish out the week with Alyice Edrich’s interview of acrylic painter and interior designer Gioi Tran.

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