Anna Halliday: Spirited Acrylic Paintings on Canvas

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Acrylic Paintings

Acrylic painter Anna Halliday grew up in Long Island, N.Y, and comes from a long line of artists, sculptors, textile designers and greeting card illustrators. She was further immersed into her creative heritage by Swedish mother Claudia Esposito Bernasconi—who was herself a student of expressionist painter Johannes Itten.

Because of her family history, it was completely natural for Anna to take up painting, drawing and fashion classes. Her paintings are colorful and spirited, with an abstract element of organized chaos. Take a look at City Garden, below, to see what I mean.

City Garden

In all their white, red and yellow glory, these flowers are like tiny sunbursts immediately brightening the room. Each petal is stretched to the max, extending outward as if to offer the viewer a great big hug.

As paintings go, this one is incredibly playful and full of abundant energy!

When Anna gets tired of painting still lifes, landscapes or portraits on Earth, she takes to space, painting vivid, spectral planets that radiate luminescence.

Planet Light

Planet Life, seen above, almost appears iridescent, and although light shines off of its spherical shape, it also seems to radiate light from within.

Speckled paint creates the illusion of space dust glittering in the dark, catching every reflection of available color, turning the cosmos into a sort of disco paradise. The colors—and the shadow Anna was able to create on the planet—are breathtaking and surreal. It’s just how I imagine the universe to be.

And finally, here’s a cool blue sky, brisk ocean surf, and several Sunny Florida Palms to bring you a taste of paradise.

Sunny Florida Palms

Each color in this painting plays off the others quite harmoniously. The sun’s rays shine down, glimmering like a million ignited sparklers across the sky, while each palm tree frond reflects in the moving water, adding even more color to waves that are already turquoise, teal, green and blue.

This painting is almost like a mosaic etched from rough bits of sea glass. Each element feels like it’s moving and blending into the others, making it a perfect painting to view if you’re stuck inside and just wish you could get out into the beautiful summer weather!

Did you love these paintings? Then you need to see everything else Anna’s portfolio has to offer. Head over to her website now!


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