This Week: 7/21 through 7/27

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Monday in Painting Tutorials – Drop in tomorrow for an excellent tutorial by Michelle Morris on how to choose watercolor brushes. This article is perfect for beginner watercolor painters, or anyone interested in learning more about the types of brushes available and their specific uses.

Tuesday in General Art Advice – Adriana Guidi will be sharing the titles of 14 great art books which she believes no artist should be without. Need a couple of good painting manuals? Or a figure study resource? Come by on Tuesday!

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Don’t miss Sara Paxton’s brilliant large-scale paintings. . . they’re bright, bold, and truly lovely. As always, if you’d like to see your own artwork featured on EE, send it in! We’re always looking for new and interesting artists to feature.

Thursday in Painting Tutorials – Nicole Hilsabeck will be posting another fantastic walkthrough, this time showcasing techniques for creating impressionistic-style paintings with chalk pastels.

Friday in Artist Interviews – Finish out the week with a Q&A session from Alyice Edrich and oil painter Bert Hornbeck.

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