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Paul Baldassini: Beautifully Composed Still Life Paintings

When you look at Paul Baldassini’s work, you see the beautiful portrayal of an artist who simply tells it how it is. He paints exactly what he sees, and from that perspective comes a refreshing glimpse of truth and authenticity that is a breath of fresh air.

With an eye for detail and desire to constantly learn new processes, Paul doesn’t limit his creativity. Rather, he works with a combination of materials, from oil to watercolor on mounted linen, panel or cold-press paper. Paul combines tried-and-true techniques with a contemporary style that “pops!” off the canvas.

Take a look at The Hay Tedder below—it’s everything you could want out of a rustic scene. Even the vibrant green grass conveys a rich feeling of satisfaction that this old farmer must feel every day as he goes about his chores without complaint.

The hay tedder (oil on mounted linen)

The bright color of the hay tedder and thick glean of treads on hot rubber tires suggests that at this time and place, where grass is as high as your waist, any hint of a summer breeze is stifled by humidity. Still, this rugged farmer is in his element, working with relaxed confidence. . . doing exactly what he loves.

A festive tablecloth sets the scene (and table) for a tart treat in Hypnotic Citrus. But nary a bitter thought comes to mind upon spotting that colander filled to the brim with such sour fruit! Instead, this still life is bright and happy, reminiscent of those tangy, delicious days of summer we all remember.

hynotic citrus

Here, lemons mimic the blinding sun of noonday, while oranges bring to mind a hot summer evening when the full moon hangs low in heavy air. The colorful lines in the tablecloth are a beautiful contrast against the circular fruit and metallic strainer, while off to the side, the stark white background balances all the business. To me it’s the perfect metaphor for how summer can be hectic, yet relaxing, all at one time.

Mise En Scene, which means “placing on stage” is an artful way of telling a story, and the painting below tells it well. Humankind by nature has always been curious, and this painting proves it!

mise en scene

Although no one is doing anything much out of the ordinary other than checking out their surroundings, the painting is fabulous because it shows people in their element. People here are doing the same thing others did yesterday, a year before, and so on.

The irony is that while these people people-watch, they are unaware that they, themselves, will forever be watched and thought of with each glimpse of this painting. Paul planned this composition, and the idea behind it, yet it’s still a totally genuine look at humanity in all their glory.

There are many more equally-fascinating paintings on Paul Baldassini’s website, and I know you won’t want to miss them. Visit his site now and take a look!

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