This Week: 3/3 through 3/9

By Dan in Weekly Preview

Monday in Art Marketing Tips – Successful artists market their art in more than one way. . . and to help with that, tomorrow, Aletta de Wal will continue her “ABC’s of Art Marketing” series with an article on “diversifying your delivery.”

Tuesday in Photography Tips – Drop in for Zach McCabe’s first article on camera exposure. He’ll explain what makes an exposure good or bad, along with some important decisions you’ll need to make every time you take a photo.

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Wednesday in Featured Artists – Don’t miss this week’s amazing artist, Julia Hacker, and her fabulous mixed-media collage paintings. As always, if you’d like to have your artwork featured on EE, please send it in!

Thursday in Artist Interviews – Alyice Edrich will interview Tokyo-based painter Phil Couture about (among other things) the importance of choosing “interesting” subject matter Every time you paint.

Friday in Art Marketing Tips – Finish out the week with Steff Metal’s newest how-to article, where she’ll explain several excellent suggestions for how to get featured in your favorite art magazines.

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