This Week: 11/6 through 11/12

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Monday in Video Tutorials – Tomorrow, watercolor painter Donna Zagotta will demonstrate the method that she uses to create compelling compositions—no brushes or paints required.

Tuesday in Art Products – Don’t miss Mark Nesmith’s in-depth review of the Illusion Floater Frames from Jerry’s Artarama. Unlike normal frames, these “floater frames” allow full view of the sides of your paintings (which is where they get their name).

Wednesday in Featured Artists – This week we’re headed to India for some loosely painted, light-filled landscapes by Rajesh Desai. Drop by for that on Wednesday, and don’t forget to submit your own artwork to be featured as well.

Thursday in Artist Interviews – Alyice Edrich and Corey Johnston will be discussing the world of theatrical costume design and the challenges of creating wearable art, or “soft sculptures.”

And, if you can believe it, this coming weekend is the 5th anniversary of EmptyEasel, so I will be taking Friday off to celebrate. (And possibly next week as well.)

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