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We've reviewed a wide variety of unique artist tools, art materials, and even technological gadgets for artists. Many of these art supplies can't be found in art stores. . . they're either Kickstarter projects, or art materials you can only find online.

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Swiss-made Caran d’Ache Neocolor II watercolor crayons are available in a wide variety of strong bright colors. . . 84 to be exact. This combination of vibrant color and water-soluble media produces a watercolor crayon that is appropriate for professional use - such as watercolor painting—as well as for children’s artwork.
Looking for pre-stretched, pre-primed canvas? My review of includes a 10% discount for artists who mention when they buy a canvas. Buy quality stretched, primed, gallery wrap canvases for low prices at
When I bought my Wacom Graphire a few months ago it came with Corel Painter Essentials. Since I had Photoshop already, I didn’t even bother installing Painter at first—I figured that anything Corel Painter could offer me I could already do in Photoshop. Well, this week I actually took a look at Corel Painter, and boy was I wrong. . .
Read a review of the Wacom Graphire Pen and Tablet. If you're into digital drawing, cartooning, or digital painting, a Wacom Graphire can be extremely helpful. Draw instantly on your computer, easily erase mistakes, digitally retouch photos, and a lot more.
Wacom Tablets are a different way of interacting with your computer. Like a mouse, you can use the Pen to select, drag, or click on objects. Unlike a mouse, Wacom Pens are pressure sensitive for different sized strokes in your drawing programs, and feel like a natural drawing tool in your hand. Continue reading this review. . .