A Complete List of Winsor & Newton Vegan and Non-vegan Art Products

By Annabelle Byrne in Research > Art Products

I recently emailed Windsor and Newton regarding their use of animal ingredients within their art supplies, and they very kindly replied with the following message. (I’ve edited it slightly for space and formatting purposes.)

Firstly, none of our products are tested on animals. However, the materials listed below do contain animal derived ingredients (i.e., they are not animal-free).

This list only relates to current materials, so please check labels on older product as formulations may have changed.

Art materials containing animal derived ingredients:

Artists’ Water Colour range
All colours

Drawing Inks range
All colours

17 colours in our Designers’ Gouache range
Ivory Black
Raw Sienna
Winsor Green
Spectrum Yellow
Intense Blue
Sky Blue
Purple Lake
Prussian Blue
Linden Green
Ivory Black
Flame Red
Burnt Umber
Bengal Rose
Primary Blue
Lamp Black
Spectrum Violet

3 colours in our Cotman Water Colour range
Viridian Hue
Raw Umber
Ivory Black

3 colours in our Artists’ Oil Colour range
Blue Black
Carmine (genuine, discontinued)
Ivory Black.

2 colours in our Artists’ Oilbar range
Ivory Black
Payne’s Gray

2 colours in our Winton Oil Colour range
Ivory Black
Raw Umber

2 colours in our Artists’ Acrylic Colour, Finity range
Ivory Black
Payne’s Gray

2 colours in our Galeria Flow Formula Acrylic Colour range
Ivory Black
Payne’s Gray

2 colours in our Artists’ Pigment (Dry Ground) range
Ivory Black

1 colour in our Griffin Alkyd Fast Drying Oil Colour range
Ivory Black

1 colour in our Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colour range
Ivory Black

2 materials in our Water Colour Mediums range
Ox Gall
Lifting Preparation

The following brushes
Series 7
Series 7 Miniature
Series 16
Series 3A Designers’ Sable
Cirrus Kolinsky Sable
Pure Squirrel Pointed Wash Brushes
Pony & Goat Hair Mop Brushes
Goat Hair Mop Brushes
Sceptre Gold II
Artists’ Hog
Winton Hog
Azanta Hog

The following water colour papers
Artists’ Water Colour Paper
Saunder’s Waterford Paper
Cotman Water Colour Paper

Art materials without animal derived ingredients:

Calligraphy Inks range
All colours

Poster Paint
All colours

Artists’ Soft Pastels
All colours

Bockingford Water Colour Paper
(This paper is safe to use because it’s not sized with an animal-derived product.)


Any other current Winsor & Newton art materials which aren’t mentioned above do not contain ingredients derived from animal sources.

Kind regards,
Consumer Services Coordinator
Winsor & Newton

Special thanks to Annabelle Byrne and Winsor & Newton for this list.


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