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Researching an artist from history? Or a particular artistic method or style?

Then look no further! At EmptyEasel we've published tons of short, easy-to-read art research articles on famous artists, important art movements, trends in the art world, and much, much more.

Lately we've also started pointing out new tools for artists that you won't find in your corner art store! Some of them are crowd-funded art tools on Kickstarter, and others are just great finds that artists are sure to love.

Enjoy all our art research articles below:

One of the biggest cultural phenomena of the last decade, steampunk is now firmly established within the arts scene, enjoying mainstream respect at exhibitions and festivals...
What is a linocut? A linocut is a type of relief print. Relief printing is when a piece of paper is “stamped” with ink from the top surface of the plate. Other types of relief prints are woodcuts and engraving. Essentially, a linocut is the same as a woodcut
Glass mosaic art has been practiced for thousands of years, going back to Ancient Egypt, where it was initially used in palaces and tombs. The Egyptians were the first to discover the versatility of glass, later learning to
The first comic book was born in the United States and is often said to have been officially launched by ‘Famous Funnies’ in 1934. What followed was mass production of a wide assortment of comic books that eventually led comic book historians to categorize them according to their production date. is a new social network for artists that offers pretty much everything you’d expect from a community-focused website - groups, profile pages, messaging, etc - in addition to an online “store” where artists can sell their art.
Whenever you come across still life paintings depicting things like bread, fruits and vegetables, you’re actually seeing the results of a long tradition of food in art. For instance, a glass bowl of fruit was commonly included in Roman paintings to boast of the delicacies that Roman citizens enjoyed.
I first learned about when they published an interview with me on their official blog. Unfortunately, my first look at was a little disappointing. . . but I’ll get to that it a bit. Let’s start out with the basics.
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