This Week: 10/30 through 11/5

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Monday in Video Tutorials – Carl Dalio will share a neat little trick for achieving the correct measurements when drawing telephone poles, fence posts, railroad tracks, or any other repeating items which vanish into the distance.

Tuesday in Art Marketing Tips – With so many ways to promote your work online, sometimes the simplest options get overlooked. On Tuesday, swing by to learn all about artist registries, and how you can use them.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – This week’s artist to watch is Ashley Harkness, a painter who specializes in serene, yet visually striking landscape paintings. Drop in and see his work this Wednesday, or click here and submit your own art to be featured next time.

Thursday in Art Marketing Tips – If you’ve ever wondered how to get quality guest posts for your blog, look no further—Alyice Edrich has all the details on creating an effective submission page. (A must, for any blogger, in my opinion.)

Friday in Art Opinion – Many of you will be interested to read John Stillmunks’ follow-up article to No, Not Everybody is an Artist, which was published on EE a few weeks back. I appreciate John taking the time to write in and clear up any misunderstandings about what he meant, so please do come by to check that out.

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