This Week: 2/6 through 2/12

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Monday in Video Tutorials – Sherri Haab will demonstrate how to create a metal clay pendant, using just a few materials and a simple pattern. Whether you work with clay already or just want to try something new, I think you’ll find this video fascinating.

Tuesday in Painting Tutorials – On Tuesday, Susan Holland will share several tips for “warming up” before starting (or resuming) a painting. And don’t worry. . . no stretching or toe touching is required. :)

Wednesday in Featured Artists – With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it seems appropriate to feature an artist whose ability to paint roses is almost beyond belief. Drop by on Wednesday to meet Thomas Darnell.

Thursday in Art Marketing Tips – Alyice Edrich has a great step-by-step tutorial lined up for any of you who use Blogger and would like to know how to switch up your blog design. Lots of photos on this one, folks; I highly recommend it.

Friday in Art Opinion – Finishing out the week, Karen Middleton brings us a welcome reminder that the art you make is an expression of YOU. . . and in order to be true to yourself, you may occasionally have to ruffle some feathers.

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