This Week: 6/20 through 6/26

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Monday in Art Marketing Tips – Do you know how to create and send press releases? Have you ever sent one out? If the answer is “no” to either of those questions, then drop by tomorrow for Robb Scott’s excellent press release primer.

Tuesday in Art Opinion – Karen Steffano will explain why she purchases original art, even though she herself is an artist. Included in the article is some good advice for artists on cultivating a relationship with collectors after they make a purchase.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – After many years of exploration and experimentation, Filomena Booth’s abstract paintings are definitely a cut above the rest. Take a look on Wednesday, and don’t forget to submit your own art as well.

Thursday in Art Marketing Tips – If you have an art blog, people may occasionally want to link to it using your logo or image. This Thursday, Alyice Edrich will go through the steps for creating a “grab button” so they can do that very easily.

On Friday I will be busy packing up everything in my house (I’m moving over the weekend) so there will be no new articles posted that day. Depending on how things go, I may take a day or two off next week as well. :)

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