This Week: 4/25 through 5/1

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Monday in Video Tutorials – In tomorrow’s video, watercolor painter Carl Dalio demonstrates several techniques for creating cloud-filled skies in your paintings.

Tuesday in Art Opinion – Do buyers really care how your art is created? And perhaps even more importantly, should it affect us? Belinda Lindhardt shares her opinion on that, this Tuesday.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Diana Brennan is a talented photographer who takes exquisitely simple, nature-themed photographs. Check out her work on Wednesday, and don’t forget to submit your own art to be featured as well.

Thursday in Art Marketing Tips – Our resident blogging expert Alyice Edrich explains how to back up your art blog for safety purposes. If your blog is important to the success of your art business, please don’t neglect this step.

Friday in Motivation – Finishing out the week, Betsy Lewis talks about the biggest social networking mistake that artists make. She calls it an “elephant in the room” and I guarantee you’ll want to hear what she has to say.

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