This Week: 3/14 through 3/20

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Monday in Video Tutorials – Tomorrow, watercolor painter Robbie Laird will be demonstrating a few different “scraping” techniques for artists who want to add more texture to their paintings—no special tools required.

Tuesday in Painting Tutorials – H. Edward Brooks is back with another excellent tutorial this Tuesday. He’ll explain how to start any painting off on the right foot by beginning with a well-drawn underpainting.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – With the art of photo-manipulation, anything is possible, and this week’s featured artist, Jennifer Mulcahy, is ready to prove it. Come back on Wednesday for a few of her superbly-crafted photomanipulations.

Thursday in Artist Interviews – Doris Glovier has asked three artists (Madeleine Kelly, Ron Morrison and Leslie Saeta) to share how they achieve vibrant, cohesive, awe-inspiring colors in their paintings—and I have to say, some of their answers may surprise you!

Friday in General Art Advice – At the end of the week, drop by for Lori McNee’s primer on hanging paintings. If you’ve got your own show coming up or you just need a crash course in hanging your art, this article will definitely help.

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