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First off, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Monday in Art Marketing Tips – It’s easy to tell people that you’re an artist, but how do you show them? Especially if you’re just out and about during your day? Tomorrow, Rose Welty shares 4 very portable portfolio ideas—and one of them will definitely surprise you.

Tuesday in General Art Advice – Rejection hurts. . . but what matters most is how you deal with it. On Tuesday I’ll be publishing an article by Kate Harper, originally written for card designers facing possible rejection, but I’d recommend it for all artists.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Make sure to drop by this Wednesday to check out the mysterious, intriguing artwork of Timur Tsaku. And of course, if you’d like to submit your own artwork to be featured, you can do that too.

Thursday in Artist Interviews – Alyice Edrich discusses the in’s and out’s of art licensing with Manuela Valenti, a professional painter who has exhibited both in Europe and the United States.

Friday in Motivation – Miranda Aschenbrenner talks about writing a “reflective statement” for your latest artwork, in order to analyze how you can improve. This is a great read for artists at every stage in their development.

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