This Week: 1/31 through 2/6

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Monday in Video Tutorials – Tomorrow, oil painter Craig Nelson will demonstrate how objects that are “white” in a painting (eggs, for example) must actually made up of several other colors. It’s one thing to know this, and another thing to actually see it in action. I highly recommend tuning in for this video.

Tuesday in Art Tutorials – There are plenty of ways to lug around paints and brushes, but if you want something a little more unique and easy-to-carry don’t miss Tuesday’s article by Lori McNee on building your own pochade box.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Helene Havard does more than snap photos—she combines and manipulates images to create entirely unique scenes, rich with feeling. Lisa Orgler has the full story on Wednesday.

Thursday in Motivation – As a watercolor painter, Charlene Brown prefers to go to the extremes: watercolor painting, on location, in foreign countries. Learn more about her adventures this Thursday.

Friday in Artist Interviews – We’re finishing up the week by interviewing Tina Scott, professional photographer. She answers questions about creating photo collages, adhering to copyright laws, and knowing how to price your work.

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