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Sharlena Wood: Creating, Educating and Entertaining through Art

Canadian artist Sharlena Wood shows her passion for art not only by creating it, but also by teaching and entertaining through it.

Sharlena is an art materials expert with a passion for life drawing, painting, charcoal and experimental media. When not creating “gutsy and beautiful” mixed media works, she is an educator for Tri-Art Acrylics and a savvy business women with her own interactive art entertainment company, Shared Palette Inc.

Though Sharlena dabbles in a multitude of media, the work I’ve chosen to feature below is a beautiful mix of charcoal and acrylic paint. Her choice of charcoal for this series represents the burnt wood of a forest fire which she experienced while visiting her grandparents in northern British Columbia in 2006.


What I love about these first two images is the way that the trees seem to be holding their ground after the fire has passed. Both paintings are a beautiful mix of abstract forms that cohesively create a realistic woodland.

Sharlena uses darker, neutral colors to set a somber mood, but always includes an area of brightness to add a glimmer of positive energy.


Although Sharlena specializes in creating striking natural landscapes, she also paints wonderful abstract cityscapes. This last image shows her transition to an urban scene.


Deceptively simple in color and form, this scene is still beautifully energetic. . . and I love the visual “pop” of windows and wires, which give life to the city.

I encourage you to visit Sharlena’s website to experience more of her striking landscapes. You can also visit her Flickr photo stream for additional images from her Burnt Tree series.

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