This Week: 1/10 through 1/16

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Monday in Artist Polls – I’m contemplating launching a free/low-cost eBook this year (or perhaps more than one) based on all the information currently published on EmptyEasel. I’d love to get some feedback on this idea, so if you can, stop by tomorrow and let me know what you think.

Tuesday in Art Marketing Tips – If you’re interested in setting up your own art blog, but you’re not sure where to begin, then don’t miss Tuesday’s article. Our newest writer, Alyice Edrich, will get you started on the right path.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Celia Chadwick uses magazine clippings, ink, colored pencil, acrylic paint, newspaper, and Photoshop to create her one-of-a-kind illustrations. See her work and learn more, this Wednesday.

Thursday in Selling Art Online – While doing research for last week’s review of, I found several references to, another online marketplace for handmade art. I figure that ArtFire deserves a review as well, so look for that on Thursday.

Friday in Video Tutorials – If everything goes as planned I’ll be posting EmptyEasel’s first video tutorial on Friday, in partnership with Creative Catalyst Productions. It will be a bit of a trial run, so keep your fingers crossed. :)

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