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Monday in Motivation – Ever get to the point where you just don’t FEEL like making art? Tomorrow, Lori McNee has some great ways to overcome those feelings by forming positive work habits.

Tuesday in Drawing Tips – On Tuesday, H. Edward Brooks will explain several excellent tips for drawing portraits, focusing mainly on techniques for drawing the mass and shape of the head.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Graphic designer and painter, Anthony Garratt, has a wonderfully abstract way of expressing landscapes on canvas. Come back this Wednesday to check out a few of his vibrant, engaging paintings.

Thursday in Art Tutorials – If your holiday traditions involve making ornaments, don’t miss this next article by Kim Carver. She’ll be teaching us how to clean and prepare small gourds for—yes—hanging on a Christmas tree.

Friday in Selling Art Online – We’re adding a brand-new template for our artists at this week, and I’m really excited to show you how it looks on Friday. If you’ve been searching for an easy-to-manage art website (that doesn’t skimp on features, or effectiveness) then make sure to come back for that.

Last week’s articles on EmptyEasel:

It’s been just over three years since EE first launched, and to celebrate, last week’s articles were all submitted by readers like you. The topic? What is Art. Enjoy!

What is Art? Let the Viewers DecideBy Dave Casey

Defining Art by What it’s NotBy Karen Cooper

Art in the Air. . . What is Art?By Lorrie Drennan

4 Unique Artists, 4 Diverse Essays on ArtVarious Artists

More thoughts on ArtVarious Artists

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