Art in the Air. . . What is Art?

By Lorrie Drennan in Misc > Art Opinion

Describing what art is, is like describing what air is: it’s just as intangible.

But the difference with art is that it’s also very subjective. . . so it truly IS something different to everyone.

DSCF8153 copy2

One theory says that art is the outward expression of deep emotions felt by the artist. Most definitely this is true. But here’s an added wrinkle:

When an artist creates a work of art they are expressing their feelings at the moment, or about that certain subject.

But then. . . the viewer gets to interpret those feelings in their own way. Those deep, dark reds that the artist used to express their angst? They may symbolize passion and exuberance to the art patron.

The piece can take on a whole new meaning once viewed by another set of eyes and screened through another set of life experiences.

IMG 0023 copy

Just as there is no “right” or “wrong” in producing art, there is no single definition of art that can be presented which neatly sums up art in its entirety. If you ask ten people “what is art?” you will get ten different, equally valid answers.

Luckily, like air, there is enough art to go around—everyone can get what they need. Just relax, open up and take it all in.

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