This Week: 11/8 through 11/14

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This week is a pretty special one for me. . . and I’ll tell you why. :)

Three years ago, on the 2nd Sunday in November, I published my very first blog post on

Looking back, I can hardly believe it’s been that long. When I started, I didn’t know what would happen with this whole “blogging” thing. I just hoped that people would read, learn something useful, and come back again.

Well, in the years that have passed since I first hit that “publish” button, EmptyEasel has grown far bigger than I ever could have imagined.

To date, EE has had over 4 million pageviews and contains 750+ articles in its archives. 108 of those articles have been written by guest authors, and of course, many more have come from EmptyEasel’s own talented writing staff.

During those three years we’ve sent out the EE newsletter nearly every Sunday (approximately 150 times) and also managed to launch an easy, all-in-one website solution for artists at

I’m truly thankful for everyone who has come alongside and helped make EmptyEasel into something special—and I’m thrilled that folks still drop in to find out what’s new at EE each week. :)

So what’s coming up over the next few days?

You might recall this article from a few weeks back, where I asked, “What is art, to you?” A number of responses have come in and I’ll be publishing at least one per day throughout the week.

You’ll be able to find all of those articles in the Opinion section of Just follow that link anytime during the week to get caught up.

Plus, as a nice pre-holiday gift. . .

Creative Catalyst Productions has created a special 10% discount for EE readers that will last through the end of November.

CCP partners with professional artists (in a lot of different mediums) to create instructional DVDs that are actually very good—I’ve been impressed with their products for some time now, and I do recommend them whenever people ask for a good way to learn painting, drawing, etc, from home.

Additionally, if you use the 10% discount, a portion of the sale will go to support EmptyEasel, so that’s pretty nice of them too.

Follow this link to receive your coupon code for 10% off or take a look around.

And here are last week’s articles on EmptyEasel:

How to Create New Artwork and Gain Inspiration while Traveling

10 Simple Ways to Build a Strong Artist Brand on Twitter

Chico Harkrader: Abstract Experimentation in Paint and Mixed-media

How to Drill Holes in Rocks for Craft Projects and Jewelry

Do You Have the Right to Call Yourself an Artist? Do I?

Finally, is there something you’d like to share on EE? Send it in!

EmptyEasel is proud to publish reader-submitted articles nearly every week. Please submit your own article here or learn why you might want to.


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