How to Drill Holes in Rocks for Craft Projects and Jewelry

By Kim "Gordie" Carver in Art Tutorials > Other Tutorials

Using rocks and sea glass in jewelry is very popular with jewelry-makers these days as an inexpensive, easy way to add interest and color to your work.

Unless you plan on wire-wrapping the pieces, however, you first will need to drill a hole in each of your rocks.

So what’s required for drilling?

Besides the drill itself (I use a Dremel) there are just a few other required items. You’ll need a small plastic container, modeling clay, water, dust mask, safety glasses, masonry drill bit, and of course, a few rocks.


To start out, place a bit of modeling clay in the bottom of your container, or on a large flat rock at the bottom of your container (I do this to keep my drill bit from going all the way through to the table).

Depending on the size of your rocks, a butter dish works great, and the clay will hold your rock steady while you’re drilling.


If you like, go ahead and mark the area where plan on drilling your hole. Use a regular marker and then rub a bit of stick deodorant over that to keep it from washing off once it is in the water.

Position your rock onto the clay and add water until the rock is submerged. You just need enough water to keep the bit wet while drilling and to keep the rock clean of debris. The water keeps the rock and drill bit cool.


Don your safety glasses and dust mask, and start drilling. Use a very gentle up/down motion as you work your way through the rock, allowing the water to circulate under and around the bit until the drill is completely through.


As you can see, it’s really fairly easy. When you’re done, wash off your rocks, let them dry, and put them to use in your next project!


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