This Week: 10/4 through 10/10

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Monday in Motivation – EmptyEasel’s newest writer, Gordie Carver, will be sharing a bit about herself along with some inspiration and motivation for artists everywhere. Come back tomorrow for the full story.

Tuesday in General Art Advice – If you’re looking for a few free online art courses or tutorials, drop by EE this Tuesday. Karen Schweitzer has compiled a list of 25 places to learn online—without paying a cent.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – There’s a ton of great photography out there, but I’d be willing to bet you’ve never seen landscape photos like the ones we’ll be featuring this week. Find out who the photographer is (and more) on Wednesday.

Thursday in Painting Tutorials – Doris Glovier’s next tutorial explains how to create a powerful sense of distance in a landscape painting, using a combination of perspective, color theory, and composition.

Friday in Photography Tips – At the end of the week Luke Montgomery will be covering several common digital camera modes—including what they mean, and when and where to use them for the best possible photos.

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