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EDITOR’S NOTE: Prices and information below may be out of date. Since launching our own art website service for artists at, we no longer feel unbiased enough to continue updating or reviewing other art website services. We are also not affiliated in any way with Artful Home. Please visit their website for the most recent information. is an online art gallery for North American artists which features all types of artwork and handmade decorations for the home. Whether you’re looking to sell furniture, glass art, jewelry, traditional wall art, or even apparel, Artful Home is the place to do it.

Pricing and features of

If you want to be an Artful Home artist, it’ll cost a $35 jury fee to apply. If approved, you’ll also pay a one-time fee of $300 to be added to the site. Not all artists will be accepted, but you may re-apply by paying another jury fee as often as you’d like.

In addition to the jury fee and membership fee, you will also pay a 50% commission fee when any of your artwork sells.

If you’re thinking that all of those fees together seem like a lot, there’s a reason for the higher cost: every artist who joins will benefit from Artful Home’s direct mail marketing campaigns, art catalogs, email newsletters, and other advertising efforts—and those things DO cost money.

Naturally, not all of the artists on Artful Home will be featured or included in every promotion, or in every catalog, but the net result is still more exposure for your art.

Design and layout has a rather simple feel to it. They use a predominantly white layout with gray boxes and divider lines to keep things organized and separate.


The layout works fairly well and for the most part doesn’t feel crowded even though there’s a lot of information and artwork being presented.

I should mention though that the landing pages for various sections of are very nice—they’ve been designed to look a little more like magazine layouts, and do a good job of drawing you in deeper into the site.


Overall, I found Artful Home’s gallery pages simple to navigate, and I don’t expect that visitors will have very many problems finding artwork they like.

So is it worth it?

There’s really just one thing to think about if you’re considering Artful Home for your online gallery—does your art fit?

There’s a definite style to the artwork on, and if yours is too far-out or strange, you won’t be asked to join. In that case, save your money and go elsewhere.

However, if your art is decorative, trendy, and priced right, could be the right place for you. Head on over today and check it out for yourself—even if you don’t join, you just might find the perfect artwork for your own home.


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