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Monday in Selling Art Online – For a while now I’ve wanted to write an article that simplifies “selling art online” to the absolute basics. . . so tomorrow I’ll be covering the three (big, important) things that every artist needs to be successful online. I hope you’ll check it out.

Tuesday in General Art Advice – Charlotte B. DeMolay will be wrapping up her 4-part series on teaching art, for fun and for profit. In this final article, Charlotte shares some great tips for growing and expanding your art-teaching business.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Alfred Currier is an artist who creates simple, eye-poppingly-colorful oil paintings. Drop in on Wednesday for Lisa Orgler’s full review.

Thursday in Painting Tutorials – A lot of you have been writing in with advice on how to keep acrylic paints wet on the palette, in response to this article from a few weeks back. Instead of appending the original, this Thursday I’ll be publishing a follow-up article that lists out all of your tips so far.

Friday in Photography Tips – At the end of the week our resident photography expert, Luke Montgomery, will be sharing several ways to avoid shaky camera syndrome, AKA, blurry images. Don’t miss it!

And here are last week’s articles on EmptyEasel:

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