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Many of us like to collect beautiful papers, old photographs, and other neat little items—yet all too often those things just sit on a shelf collecting dust.

Veva Dunckel makes much better use of such inspiring items by collaging them, adding acrylic washes over the top, and turning them into magnificent works of art.

Throughout all of Veva’s paintings, the design principles of form, texture and color are strongly apparent. In the collage painting below, she uses rectangles and triangles over and over again creating a city entirely of geometric shapes.


To create each of those visual “blocks” seen above, she used decorative paper, sponges, ink washes, and an interesting technique of painting through mesh.

The next mixed-media painting also gets its strength from rectangular forms, yet Veva has added some softness as well, through various layers of texture.

Under the Tuscan Sky

Stamping, decorative papers, cardboard and acrylics all add interest for the viewer, while large angular forms act as giant blocks holding the scene together.

Of course, along with form and texture, Veva also uses radiant colors in her artwork. In the night scene below, we only know that the sun has set because of the dark sky—everything else is ablaze with color.

Harbor Lights

To see more of Veva’s beautiful collage paintings, I encourage you to visit her website at www.vevadunckel.com.

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