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Monday in Motivation – George Christie (a doctor-turned-artist) shares the inspiring story of how he finally began to pursue his dream of becoming an artist. . . and the progress he’s made along the way.

Tuesday in Drawing Tips – Don’t miss Robert Sloan’s in-depth tutorial on achieving realistic (and perhaps even photo-realistic) results using colored pencils.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Come back on Wednesday to experience the mixed-media collage paintings of Veva Dunckel. If you haven’t done so already, you can submit your own artwork to be featured as well.

Thursday in Photography Tips – Luke Montgomery contributes an excellent article on “reducing depth of field” when taking photos. The end result is a beautiful, softly-blurred background behind your subject matter.

Friday in General Art Advice – Creating budget artwork for your home is both easy and fun. On Friday Donovan Gauvreau discusses how artistic individuals can decorate their homes and apartments on the cheap.

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Plus, a quick reminder and a “thank you.”

As I mentioned in last Sunday’s newsletter, the ongoing early-adopter discount at will no longer be available, starting today.

From here on out we’ll simply be offering a standard $30/month plan, and a yearly plan with a small discount (it’s $300/year instead of $360). Of course, foliotwist’s free 10-day trial is included with either plan, so you can still try us out before you buy.

On a slightly more personal note, both Zac and I wanted to express how much we really, truly, appreciate all of you who signed up as early-adopters. Your faith in us, and in foliotwist (despite the economy and despite the fact that we’re a new company) is inspiring. . . and we don’t take it for granted.

We’ll be working hard to make foliotwist even better in the coming months and years.

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