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Monday in Motivation – Do you set goals for your art? Or write down areas you want to improve in? Tomorrow Stede Barber will be introducing the idea of goal-setting for artists, and how to get started with it.

Tuesday in Painting Tutorials – Rose Welty’s newest series of articles focuses entirely on acrylic painting—and she kicks things off this Tuesday by covering the history of acrylics, their characteristics, and some “pros” and “cons” to using them.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Hena Tayeb has a gift. She specializes in photographing ordinary objects and yet—somehow—her pictures always turn out to be anything but ordinary. Drop in on Wednesday to see for yourself.

Thursday in General Art Advice – Most people would consider the stiff white “filler” cardboard that you find inside of baseball card packages to be plain old junk. . . not Roger Kinnunen. Hear his story on Thursday.

Friday in Art Opinion – Donovan Gauvreau, art historian and art therapy speaker, weighs in on the value of buying art during a recession—specifically, if you’re looking at it as an investment.

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